The Gospel about Jesus is also to feed the hungry

Tanzania remains one of the world’s poorest countries. Almost a third of the population lives in extreme poverty, and inequality is growing. It is very common to eat only once pr day.

The Bibel says that we are to care well for the fatherless and the poor.

We not only feed thousands of participants during our seminars at our crusades, but we also give out food from New Life City Church. We feed more than 100 families, amongst the most poor in our local neighborhood, the last Sunday before Christmas. ApiAid from Århus in Denmark makes this possible for us every year.

All of these families, (Christians, non-Christians, and even Muslims), are invited to our Sunday morning church service where we pray for them all and after the service we donate food to them.

It is very emotional and humbling to experience the gratefulness and happiness from these poor families when they walk home carrying food on their head and in their hands.