From witchdoctor to son of God

Some of the most incredible miracles is when people got saved and turn their lifes 100% to Jesus.

Poul Mitanga testimony is one of them.

Poul was born to be a witchdoctor. From early childhood everybody in the family expected him to live a life as a witchdoctor by helping others with their diseases. His parents even took him to the witchdoctor to let him receive the power and strength so that he could succeed as a witchdoctor himself. When he was a young teenager and had finished standard seven, he lived for a while alone in the bush – training to get the power as a witchdoctor and find medicin. The people around him started to come to him to get the medicin of their illness and his family where happy. Mostly because they paid him with goats, cows and money!

At a crusade Paulo Mitanga watched an old blind man who was led by his little grandson to the front for prayer, the old man was healed and received his eyesight and this led to Paulo’s salvation and believe in Jesus. It was overwhelming and he gave his life to Jesus and changed his life for ever. Paul did not want to be a witchdoctor any longer, even though his family ended the connection with him.

Paulo has a younger brother who got very upset when Paulo became a Christian and left his job as witchdoctor and Paulo’s brother decided to pick up after Paulo as witchdoctor.

During another crusade about 1½ year ago Paulo’s brother came because he was sick and was to be hospitalized. During prayer for sick people the power of God came upon him and he was healed – we burned all his witchdoctor stuff later that week and today he loves Jesus and serve Him.