Crusade experience

The heart in our ministry is the big Gospel crusades where we preach the Gospel in places no one else is going – this is our life.

We gather from either a few thousands to even a hundred thousand people who live under terrible conditions, sickness, demonic darkness, and slavery.

We will never forget one crippled woman who crawled on her arms and legs in the village of Biharamulu. During the prayer time she stood up for the first time in her life and began to walk. Finally she came to the platform and stood before everybody in the village. The regional commissioner, who is the biggest official authority in the area, took the microphone and excitedly announced the meetings were to continue another week.

We also will never forget the Christian woman dying from aids in the city of Bukoba. A few years earlier she had been raped by 3 men, only because she was a Christian. The injustice and pain was so big and hard to explain; but the joy was even greater when the doctors declared her totally healed.

Sorcerers, witches, alcoholics, prostitutes and many more are saved and set free from demonic and satanic spirits. The list of testimonies is very long and through the years we have led at least one million people to salvation.