Graduation – A great celebration

Every year we celebrate a great graduation party for all the students at Academy of Leadership. Since 2008 we have more than 700 student from the whole Nation. They have been trained in leadership and in the Word of the Bible.

Pastor Paul Troquille currently serves as the principal of Academy of Ledership. In 2002, after pastoring Magnolia Christian Center in Magnolia, Arkansas for 14 1/2 years, the Lord led Paul to resign his position as pastor and to begin training leaders in other nations of the world. This calling would lead him to Tanzania to work with Dr. Egon Falk.

Reggie Moffett has served as a leadership trainer since 2002. Reggie is also from Magnolia Christian Center in Magnolia, Arkansas.

Pastor Peter and Dr. Egon is also teaching at the Academy of Ledership. Often the Bibelschool have guest preachers from outside the country.