Boarding Schools, Visitors, Volunteers,
short or long term ministry


…You are more than welcome to contact us and join our organisation.

Through the years we have had many people giving of their time, energy and power to help our ministry.

These people have done incredible things for the ministry and also given financially to the ministry. Many have experienced the call to missions through their time in Tanzania. We love to be a part of what God does in the lives of other people.

Young, old and people from many walks of life has worked as volunteers with us. Age and background does not matter. But it is important to have a strong Christian life. We always have volunteers come and help us in close contact with their home churches.

The smallest help does large things for the people of Tanzania.

It is also a great opportunity for boarding schools to see develop work, to visit our school children and learn how it is to live in a poor country with many challenges.

Tanzania is a beautiful country and there are many places to go around Arusha. Safari trips to many different National Parks, Africa highest mountain Kilimanjaro, Masai areas and people, local market, Culture Heritage etc. We offer you to be apart of our Evangelistic Campaigns.